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We have a new name.

Association for Coroplastic Studies

Emergency Red List of Syrian Cultural Objects at Risk

Following reports of widespread damage and looting at cultural heritage sites in Syria, ICOM decided to publish the Emergency Red List of Syrian Cultural Objects at Risk with the aim to help art and heritage professionals and law enforcement officials identify Syrian objects that are protected by national and international legislations. In order to facilitate identification, the Emergency Red List illustrates the categories or types of cultural items that are most likely to be illegally bought and sold. 

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Special sessions on Iron Age terracotta figurines
from the Levant

Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) 2013 Baltimore
November 23-26

Ancient Near Eastern Iconography and the Bible

Organized by Izaak J. de Hulster (Göttingen), Joel M. LeMon (Atlanta)
Regine Hunziker-Rodewald (Strasbourg), Rüdiger Schmitt (Münster), Thomas Staubli (Fribourg), and Brent Strawn (Atlanta
), this special session presents interdisciplinary research by speakers combining insights and methods from the fields of Archaeology, Art History, Ancient Near Eastern Culture and Religion, and Old Testament Studies.

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Conference on Egyptian Terracotta Figurines
December 6 to December 8, 2013

Kontextualisierung von Terrakotten im spätzeitlichen bis spätantiken Ägypten

Martin von Wagner Museum
Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg

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Terracotta Figurine Session at Reading, March 2014

The Biennial International Roman Archaeology Conference (RAC)
in collaboration with the Roman Society and TRAC (Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference), will be held from the 28th to the 30th of March 2014
at the University of Reading, UK.

Organised by Elena Martelli, it will focus on Roman terracottas and their production and use in domestic, religious, and funerary contexts within the Mediterranean basin.

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Call for Submissions

This is a call for submissions for communications on coroplastic topics for Volume 11 the Newsletter of the Association for Coroplastic Studies. We are soliciting communications on all aspects of coroplastic research, reports on museum collections and reports on exhibitions containing terracottas, announcements of scholarly meetings, papers delivered, new appointments, and any other news relative to coroplastic studies. The deadline for submissions is January 15, 2014

Please send all submissions to We look forward to receiving your submissions. 

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